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Fashion in Motion with Yamamoto

Colourful and sometimes outrageous Kansai Yamamoto’s collection used to amaze fashion lovers in 70s and 80s. HIs designs as well as shows always combine culture with fashion and entertainment. Most well-known costumes for David Bowie in 1973 and spectacular shows have included his name in one of the greatest and iconic contemporary designers list of that time. Kansai Yamamoto launched his first collection in London in 1971. Later on it was called as ‘The Show of the Year… a spectacular coup de theatre’ and Yamamoto has became famous with his avant-garde designs on international scale.

Yamamoto came back to London and presented his one more ‘super-show’ in V&A on 1st of November 2013. Full of music, colours and dance, legendary Japanese designer takes us on the journey through the four decades of his fashion career. All his designs are hugely influenced by Japanese culture, especially traditional Japanese art and Kabuki. What makes him the extraordinary designer is a paradox of his designs. He follows Japanese culture and at the same time denies it. His all designs is like a strike against Japanese aesthetic mind and minimalism. A lot of layers, colours, excessive make-up and details – that what he brings back to the stage of Victoria&Albert museum.

‘In Japan the word BASARA means to dress freely, with a stylish extravagance. BASARA is the opposite of the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, which is underplayed and modest; it is colourful and flamboyant and it lies at the heart of my design.’

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