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Timberyard to work and relax

It rarely happens that your laptop get smashed to the wheel while cycling. Oh well, it happened to me while making my way to Camden. One of those ‘what if” situations became reality. What if you did not have a computer? Now I know the answer. At least for a while you will be checking your mail on the small screen of your smart phone.
Anyway, you get to the point where your salary is one month away and there is a crucial need to use a computer. London is stuffed with internet cafes but somehow I don’t feel like sitting surrounded by 15 years-olds playing their internet games and the noise of Bangladeshi chatting (in East London most of internet cafes belong to them).

I started searching for decent coffee shops that offer computer services. That’s how I appeared in Timberyard. Located in the Old Street near the famous ‘Look Mum No Hands’, I found it amazingly relaxed and comfortable. A shop itself is very spacious with two floors which makes it perfect for big groups and business meetings. Main floor with a sofa, armchairs and wide windows makes you feel cosy as soon as you enter. It gives an impression of being very loungy place but if you go further you can make yourself comfortable by grabbing any table or counter seat with iPads. Thats where I was rushing in the first place after I picked up my soya latte and yoghurt with granola.

Have you noticed that some places got that kind of working atmosphere. For example, in some places you can’t focus even if you try your best, while others just put you in the mood for generating new ideas. So, Timberyard would be the latter one. Especially if you go downstairs where they call a ‘meeting point’, working atmosphere combined with a laid-back style is in the air.
Even if the place is busy at the time I come in, I get my coffee in a few minutes time. Super efficient. When it became a bit more quieter, I decided to chat the curly hair barista (I noticed most of them in Tymberyard got big curly hair) to find out more. He told me that Wednesday, Thursday lunches are extremely busy. So keep in mind if you do not like too crowded areas. When asked about the most popular food in here, he mentioned that sandwiches or soups would be number one. My notice – porridge. They’ve got a stand which advertises their special porridge. Unfortunately, by the time I come in at 2 o’clock, it was already sold out (must be good). Most popular drink – flat white or English breakfast (very East).
Anything unusual?

Maybe some alcohol behind the bar. Mon-Fri they are open until 8 pm, so if anyone feels like having a glass of wine or London’s dry gin after coffee, they are more than welcome

What makes this place special?

I guess iPads that you can use for free unlimited time. But the biggest advantage I guess would be the capacity for big groups.
It has been only 3 years this lovely coffee shop was founded, but with the number of customers like that, I suppose, they chose the right place and direction. Watch out ‘Look Mum No Hands’ and other coffee shops on the Old Street – you’ve got a real rival because Timberyard is here to stay.


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