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LAMACoffee / LAMASpace (ラマ珈琲)

Shonan has to offer the great variety of coffee beans as well as art. It is becoming more common to combine coffee shops with art space. LAMACoffee is a good example of it. Owner seems to be an extra creative guy as his outfit stands out of the crowd. The interior of this place is also unusual. The coffee shop is divided into 3 spaces: front, back and the second floor (room used for exhibitions). In order to choose your seat to have a cuppa, ask yourself how do you feel like.

Do you want bright space to get you into studying/working mood? -> Sit in the front.

Or do you feel like sitting somewhere darker and relaxing in the armchair? -> Back is yours.

I went for Chai Latte and regular Latte. Both were really おいしい (delicious). The only minus would be that waiting for your coffee can take you a bit of time as the owner uses slow coffee dripping method. While you are waiting, have a look around = there is a lot of interesting to see.

DSC_9588 DSC_9589 DSC_9584 DSC_9574 DSC_9566

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