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Beware! Floating Coffee counter ahead!

Surrounded by giggles, chatting and flowing river sounds, having a coffee on a floating platform seems to be a wonderful idea on your day off.

Secret counter in Hackney Wick is easy accessible but at the same time quite invisible for Londoner’s eye. Compared to last year, it is getting more and more trendy. On Sundays it gets packed with coffee lovers, addicts and other enthusiasts. A superb location for resting your head and leaving all troubles behind.


Coffee is absolutely delicious, while soya latte is a diva of The Counter. Coffee seems to be a beverage to enjoy slowly. However, Counter’s soya latte is so amazing that you cannot help but drink it in one sip (or two if you try hard).

As for food, you will not get disappointed as french toasts are deliciously awesome. However, on a busy day you might wait for quite a long time in a queue (up to 30min).

Be patient – enjoy the view and a dose of caffeine!


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