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Hachiya. Coffee and Love for Miniatures

Light jazz music, dusk light, smooth coffee. Miniature trees, collection of cactuses, loads of books and little sculptures from the childhood – all neatly organized in the old style Japanese house. Located on Sakuramichi Road, in Chigasaki, Hachiya cafe satisfies all my temptations.


Even if this cafe cannot boast about having exclusive coffees, Hachiya’s smooth and light paper-filter coffee from famous Tokyo roaster Bach is perfectly fine. Must be accompanied by a cake in order to fulfill all your sweet-tooth temptations! Coffee (¥380) and cake set will cost you ¥580 (that is what you usually pay just for coffee in other places).


If you look around, you will notice that this space is filled with kind of bonsai plants, handmade dishes and original antique furniture. This nice looking interior with a good eye for all details comes from a creative couple who own Hachiya. Wife, who is mainly in the cafe, is a graphic designer and her husband is an illustrator. Their home and workshop is on the second floor of Hachiya cafe building. Husband has a great passion for gardening and ceramics. The cafe is full of their work, including a shelf, which was made out of old bed (I did not even notice until I was told).

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    • In Japan like everywhere else you can find all sorts of coffee if you look for it. However, there is a big preference for light drip coffee in all kissaten (old style coffee shops) and most of cafes. I was told that the main reason for that is Japanese Fuji water which is very soft compared to European one. That is why drip coffee and Japanese water is such an amazing combination. The taste is much more mild and smooth – a great combo for Japanese palate.
      Espresso made with Japanese water is much more bitter as soft water cannot reduce coffee bitterness.

      There is also an interesting technique how they make ice coffee. if interested check here


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