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I don’t know coffee. Do you?

Sunny day in Chigasaki. I was walking down the beachside, wandering in the narrow streets of this city and looking where I could have a cup of coffee. And suddenly very strange question appeared in front of my eyes –

Do you know coffee?

The owner of that shop and coffee-pro Nii answers this question instead of me “I don’t know coffee” (it’s the name of this coffee shop). And only after having his made coffee, you realize “Maybe I don’t know coffee, but whatever it is, give me one more cup”.

This shop is tiny when it comes to the size but huge when we talk about coffee excellence. The owner picks the beans, he roasts them, brews them and serves coffee to you. Nii knows exactly what is in your paper cup as he goes through the whole process with strong attention to the details (like picking out by hand every defective bean).


Coffee is known not only to locals but also to the devoted coffee lovers. Nii has got individual cup drip method, which is massively influenced by Seattle coffee culture as he spent there 2 months learning about coffee. But blending coffee so fine is more like a talent, sense than only skills.


No doubts that ‘I Don’t Know Coffee Roaster’ uses only fresh beans. According to Nii, the most important flavor in the coffee is sweet, not just bitter and sour. While roasting his coffee he tries to bring the best flavor out of the beans. In this coffee shop’s website, the owner calls coffee ‘a tool.’ Moreover, he uses this tool for good – to color the life of his customers. Every single order is made differently, even if it is the same cappuccino. Why? Because all customers are different. Owner writes that if you don’t interact with the customer and don’t understand his needs, you are not too different from the coffee vending machine.

DSC_8325– And here is the drink menu. If you are tired of watery kissaten drip coffee, indulge yourself with extra rich, full body and bitter sweet espresso.  Mizudashi – cold brew coffee. I came across a lot of good reviews on their latte. Do not hesitate to ask for it, even if it is not on the menu (owner can speak some English).

It is mostly designed for take away but there is a seat inside and a few outside. Never too crowded, always chilled.

Charm point:

The regular customer (or maybe co-owner) English Sheep dog is always around.


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