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A bouquet of sunshine

Where to start and where to finish. Let me begin by saying that PIPIPI is the most adorable and personal cafe I have ever been to. Japanese are well known for their madness for cute things, also known as kawaii culture. However, when you take a train from Tokyo towards South, the understanding of ‘cute’ is absolutely different. Colourful clothes, hand-made decorations, vintage teaspoons, flowers and anything basically related to beach – those are some of the things that are highly appreciated and referred as cute in Shonan.



PIPIPI cafe is well-known among locals and it have appeared in many Japanese publications. Ayumi, the owner of the cafe, is an artistic soul with the magical bakery skills. Her french toast is something extraordinary taste and presentation wise. It is not only my words – magazine ‘Beach & Cafe’ selected her french toast as one of the best around the coast. Before opening her cafe, she worked as a chef and now she successfully applies all the skills to please guests of Chigasaki.


This is a tiny space filled with joy and never ending summer. Beach and nature inspired interior with a lot of plants is like a breath of fresh air. It is absolutely impossible to concentrate on your studies or work (tried myself a few times) as the smooth, ‘happy’ music just invites you to do nothing but relax.

DSC_9388 DSC_9392 DSC_9367

A cute presentation of PIPIPI:



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