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Bakers Cafe ‘Mokichi’ for unlimited coffee

On rainy days I find myself sitting in a quiet cafe. As I have been living all my life in Europe, where rain comes and goes, Japanese one month rainy season has been a quite surprise to me. Like most of the people, my mood depends on weather a lot. I found a perfect place for me to survive those rainy mornings in a beautiful old cafe Mokichi (モキチ).


Originally, that place was a bread factory, which had been reconstructed into a bakery, cafe and a restaurant. You can recognize how old this place is from old rusty machines that are nowadays a part of interior. I must say that Mokichi restaurant is not for those on a tight budget but a ‘help yourself’ style cafe is one of the cheapest I’ve ever been to.


The way it works is very easy. First, you grab a tray and go around looking for pastries. White chocolate & blueberry buns, croissants, fruit tarts are all under the same roof. When you go to the check out , tell cashier you will have it inside and order hot coffee. You might be surprised that instead of coffee, all she gives you is an empty cup. No panic! Grab a best seat in the wooden counter and help yourself to free-refill coffee.



Let’s do some maths. Average price for a pastry is around ¥200 plus ¥250 ‘as much as your body can take caffeine’ coffee = ¥450 (£2,60). This is your place, if you need to study and the only way to keep you awake is to drink 1 litre of coffee. Japanese got this custom of ‘all you can drink’, called nomihodai (飲み放題). So, Mokichi cafe system could be possibly called, coffee nomihodai.


When it is raining, sitting in Mokichi cafe is delightful. It is an open space, like a terrace. Because of roof and trees, you are fully protected from rain, but you can hear enchanting sound of drops falling to the ground. There is no background music, just the sound of rain and people passing by. Great place for indulging in sweets, coffee and a book.

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