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Where Flowers Go Wild

It is hard to find anyone who do not adore fresh flowers. And it is even harder to find a human-being who will resist a great cup of coffee or tea. But let me tell you what is the most difficult – to find a good coffee shop in West. But here it is, Wildflower Cafe, which popped up in my eyes and painted my whole day in vivid purple.


Time Out in 2014 voted WIldflower Cafe  as No1 in Notting Hill because judges were struck by this place ‘cutiness’ (must be). Cafe by the day, bistro by the night, this place serves you some seriously good drinks and food any time of the day. A lot of yellow details which, lets suppose, symbolize the sun. And sun is really welcome in this cafe as windows are huge and there are plenty of flowers craving for sunshine. As for seating, there are many wooden tables to choose from but if your ego needs a lot of space, you can make sure to occupy a huge square table at the back.

DSC_6380 DSC_6377 DSC_6382 DSC_6410

I know you want to hear how is the coffee. The coffee is very good and you would not expect something less from Allpress. Baristas free pour hearts to show love and appreciation for you. No matter how you want your Allpress to be done, all caffeinated cups come for £2.80.

DSC_6403 DSC_6390 DSC_6384

Wildflower‘s hot chocolate should be nominated as the best not only in the West but maybe in whole London. Creamy, chocolatey, not too sweet but not bitter as well. It boosts your brain, your energy and maybe your life if it was not chocolatey enough. They use homemade hot chocolate mix and the main ingredient is 70% Valhrona chocolate. For those who are not familiar with Valhrona, it is a French luxury chocolate manufacture known for its high quality and used in many high-end restaurants. Therefore, if you feel like ‘luxurising’ your day, just for £3.50 you can enjoy this delight.

DSC_6412 DSC_6405 DSC_6414

 Video presentation of blooming flowers, dripping coffee and food lovers:



  1. Ok, so you read my blog and know I have never used a professional coffee preparer, I guess is the term. So is the coffee that can be found in some of your favorite places superior to what I can prepare in my own kitchen. I am talking about something that can still be called coffee, ok! I sampled a couple of your posts, so decided to follow you for a while. I travel and learn with blogs nowadays. I take a lot of day trips on my motorcycle, and will continue to so so until to old, 66 now, but still riding big iron. Have been since the eight grade! I am a solitary rider, or maybe a small group, but not in a club, I don’t like large organized rides, you cannot be spontaneous about where you want to go. I try to take an extended ride through a couple of states once a year, the coffee is usually horrible!


  2. faithfullyhis says

    Hello from Canada, anyone who loves coffee as much as I do can’t be all that bad. Too bad you’re across the Pond otherwise I would be paying you a visit.


  3. I totally meant to make art this afternoon but I got too distracted by your awesome blog!!! Love love love it!!! The pictures, the writing…the whole thing!! Much Peace Love Coffee ~ dawn

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