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Most Unique Starbucks in Japan

Even if most of us quietly blame Starbucks for being too capitalistic mass production and materialising the precious coffee culture, that is where we go first if quick refresh caffeine needed. In cities like London a great number of independent coffee shops is rapidly growing and Londoners will rather choose their cup of joe in there. However, Starbucks does not seem even a little bit less crowded no matter where it is located. In Japan the image of Starbucks has still not been conquered by local coffee shops. With its great popularity, it is a place of relax, study, meeting and one of those rear places for free Wi-Fi around Japan. Sometimes Starbucks’ ‘fast coffee’ space with just stools and tables transforms into artistic design space. Here is the list of 3 stores in Japan that particularly stand out of the crowd with their uniqueness.

  3. Kobe Kitano Ijinkan

Kansai area can be proud to have one of the most stylish Starbucks of Japan. Located in Kobe, Starbucks serves all your favorite grande cups in 19th century Western style historical building. The house has been famous and even once called ‘Kitano Monogatari kan’. It got greatly damaged in the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake. The unfortunate fate of this Japan’s Tangible Cultural property did not leave this house neglected and forgotten. After reconstructed, Starbucks opened its branch in 2009. What makes this store a great experience is that it feels not like a café but more like an actual someone’s house.   After ordering your drinks, you can have a seat in one out of many great rooms: lounge, dining room, study room and etc. Most popular happens to the sun room overlooking a great scenery. 7353370158_a3effdb4c6

 In one sentence:

Old times, modern drinks.


 2. Kamakura, Onarimachi

This one is a unique and superb design building, which was originally the studio and home for famous manga artist Ryuichi Yokoyama. It is a spacious building with high ceilings and quite modern design. At first sight, you couldn’t feel any special Japanese cultural vibes. It is just because you haven’t seen a terrace yet. The best spot is to sit in front of the huge window overlooking Japanese style calm garden with a pool. If you are comfortable with weather outside, you must try sitting in terrace (or get on your knees on Japanese tatami rug). It is hard to explain that peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while observing nature. Many people claim that this Starbucks’ store is one of the nicest in Japan. DSC_4946 2

DSC_4936 2


In one sentence:

Mind rests while body awakes.


1. Dazaifu, Fukuoka

In 2011 architect Kengo Kuma had gotten a lot of attention on international scale for designing the Starbucks’ store in Fukuoka. The result of it was worth waiting and probably the design exceeded all expectations. Now this design masterpiece is in the list of coolest Starbucks’ shops around the world. The building itself is actually a famous Shinto shrine, amazingly first constructed in 905. Sitting surrounded by Kengo Kuma’s fusion of traditional and contemporary design is absolutely inspirational.



In one sentence:

Iconic design to marvel at while holding your green label cup.


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