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Geeks Do Drink Espresso

Just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road, Store Street Espresso is attracting coffee lovers and busy souls searching for a place to settle. Serving delicious artisan coffee and free pouring latte art, Store Street Espresso is an independent coffee shop which is rapidly getting popular in central London.

The sister of Continental Stores, Store Street Espresso keeps its high-quality and brings NZ/Australian café culture once again into London (and we never doubt about Australian coffee approach). Since universities are very close to this coffee shop, expect loads of geeks and workaholics with laptops sitting till the dawn. And you cannot blame. This place is perfect for studying as the sunny light fills a spacious café and white walls softly reflects the sunshine straight into your shots of espresso.


As for coffee, they serve Square Mile espresso along with home made baked sweets and sandwiches. Those who are soy fanatics, good news – they serve Bonsoy. Tea lovers also will not be disappointed with organic leaf teas (no dull teabags). Those who do not like neither can observe the art that is hanging on the walls around the coffee shop.





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