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The Sound of 50s

When you first hear the name of coffee shop like LC-1A, it does not stuck to your memory straight away. The mystical letters and numbers do not give you a clue what it is all about. You make a guess, such as LC-1A might stand for ‘Love Coffee – First Aspiration’ but actually you have no clue. It is much more simple than that and this complicated name is a coffee master’s big life passion – vintage speakers.


A strict-looking coffee shop owner is so in love with them, he calls LC-1A his treasure and pride. Legendary speakers from around 1950s always play smooth jazz that perfectly accompanies your single origin or blend coffee. Another pride of his is a roasting machine. Yes, he do roast himself coffee in front of the customers and later on brew your chosen beans. Strong and mouth-watering freshly roasted coffee smell surrounds you if you happen to be in the middle of the roasting process. At the time I arrived, his osusume (recommended coffee) was single origin Kilimanjaro coffee beans, which firstly gave impression of bright, crisp citrus taste and broadened into sweet chocolate flavors. As the coffee master makes only pour-over brew, all his caffeinated drinks are light and very suitable for Japanese palette.

DSC_3359DSC_3356DSC_3368 DSC_3374 DSC_3376 DSC_3357 DSC_3352


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