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Let Yourself Be Drawn by Coffee in New York

The touch of a raw paper slipping through your fingers with beautifully laid out photos and insightful writing is an experience that proves “Print Will Never Die”. Coffee culture has been ignored by magazines and appeared only in a few feature sections across world-wide publications. Finally, our daily ‘dark fluid’ is celebrated with the arrival of fresh globally-orientated DRIFT magazine.

A small group of writers and photographers in every issue chooses a city and dives into that area’s coffee scene to actually experience a tradition, routine and a true beauty of the coffee culture. The inaugural issue explores a strong sense of diversity in New York from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Articles are also varying from artisanal roasters to budget vendors, from specialty coffee entrepreneurs to 19th-century immigrants, from Turkish coffee to macchiato.

Publishing DRIFT is just a start for a creative staff, including Adam Goldberg, Elyssa Goldberg, Daniela Velasco, Chris Connoly and many more. Writers and photographers explore every aspect of coffee with a serious approach. Some of the topics interestingly discuss milk as an inevitable element of a perfect latte or cappuccino, whereas Peter Merelis shares his personal  and inspirational meditation on a macchiato.

Without too many spoiler alerts, we hope all true coffee lovers will have a chance sooner or later to put hands on Drift New York issue. While magazine’s staff currently wandering around Tokyo, The Curiosity is impatiently waiting for the next issue.

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