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Official Breakfast and Coffee Bureau

Best known as a perfect breakfast spot in East London, Hackney Bureau lured me in with a screaming espresso machine sound and the smell of Caravan coffee.

  East London just loves to keep things simple. It could be said the same about Hackney Bureau‘s exterior and interior. Painted in black and hidden on the corner where Mare Street bridges Regents Canal, this cafe is so invisible that you could easily rename it ‘Detective Bureau’.


Behind the counter baristas are sharing a space with chefs, who non-stop sizzling big fatty pieces of bacon and toasting bread. Interestingly, the staff is all male-dominated with more or less the same, let’s call it, ‘gentelmen’ style. Most of them have beard, they are tall and athletic, and most important, it looks like they know what they are doing. And they do it perfectly well, no matter if it is serving Big Breakfast or pouring velvety milk on espresso for your beloved flat white.


La Marzocco GB/5 espresso machine is as shiny as an espresso, which comes in a little transparent glass that you could see a beautiful thin layer of foam floating on top of it. Coffee by Caravan in Hackney Bureau is more acidic than usual. It is important to distinguish good sour from bad acidic coffee. Often acidity is misunderstood. It is actually a positive characteristic of coffee as long as it is fruit-like flavors (read more in here). A flat white in Hackney this time tickles my tongue with  Citric Acid, which brings out flavors, such as orange and lemon or sometimes grapefruit.

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“The Hackney Bureau is an amazing place to chill out and catch up on the papers, with some very great coffee, and perfect breakfasts. It has become an extension of my living room. I would definitely recommend it.”

– Alice Osborne

Although Big Breakfast is not so big in size, but ‘hugely’ delicious. That yummy bacon is worth to give up all your low-fat diets at least for one day. Saturday and Sunday brunches are usually extremely busy and you might wait for quite a while (but the same everywhere in London).

Hackney Bureau is as cool as extremely famous Dalston Superstore, just with a better cup of coffee.









  1. Hi Audrey,

    Gorgeous photos, as ever. You’re right that it could be called “Detective Bureau”. I walked past it a couple of weeks ago (when I was looking for Footnote) and actually missed it. Now I’ve read your post, I can remember where it is, so I shall have to go back!



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