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Coffee For Passion in ‘The Borough Barista’

Nestling in an unexpected location behind Marble Arch station, The Borough Barista makes local hearts explode with happiness of artisan coffee. Fashionable chicks and elegant ladies, young lads and businessmen: all quietly sitting in front of the window and sipping locally roasted caffeinated goodness. It proves me again – coffee unites generations. Only good coffee, of course.

The Borough Barista on Seymour Street occupies the corner of red-brick building and beautifully stands out of the crowd with blueish gray painted walls and intriguing vivid yellow front doors. The sign board saying ‘Coffee For Passion’ lets the whole borough know that this is the place for a ‘decent’ cup of java. This corner coffee shop, surrounded by many bland cafe chains in Oxford Street and Edgware Road, stands proudly and boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce.

As soon as you walk in, cheerful barista greets you and this small detail reveals that you are more than ‘just another customer waiting in a queue’. It is always a big pleasure to try locally roasted coffee beans. Without waiting any longer, I order a double shot latte. Australian barista later tells me about the importance on checking the grind for that perfect extraction and how every second matters to the taste.


My latte comes darker than usual, which is very beautiful for my eye but scary, whether it gives me caffeine heart attack or not. A teaspoon of sugar dissolves under mouthwatering micro-foam and my lips for the first time touch The Borough Barista coffee.

My first reaction was an absolute confusion. How such dark latte can have such a strong kick but at the same time very light to drink. When I had my first espresso with milk in The CoffeeWorks Project, I thought my heart will jump out of the chest and will never come back. But The Borough Barista provides that pleasant balance of strength and taste in their coffee.

Bright ocean blue walls in contrast with vivid red, yellow and green interior details are a good combination for getting away from the LED light infused Oxford Street. Some seating downstairs in the cafe are saved for workaholics armed with laptops. Upstairs atmosphere is very relaxed with a narrow long table in the middle and some seatings along the wide windows. Sunlight that falls after midday into the coffee shop creates soft shadows of furniture, an espresso machine, ready-to-sell packs of beans and your chosen cuppa. The Borough Barista provides that precious time when you can just stop and observe. Have a look how barista is texturizing milk, how people indulge in their drink and how beautiful is your coffee colour.

British roasted coffee from The Borough Barista is an exciting addition to growing coffee culture in the UK and with right choice of branding, hopefully, it will become one of the leading roasters around all London boroughs.

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