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Let Coffee Speak to You

Talkhouse Coffee has attracted some serious coffee gents and ladies for a chat at the top of famous Portobello Road. Most of them happen to drink 5 oz latte or one of the elegantly served teas. The beans are sourced from James Gourmet, Workshop, Tate and Square Mile. After grinding, coffee is precisely measured on a scale (every gram matters!) This small detail reveals the level of attention and skill in the preparation of their espresso and Aeropress filter drinks. Lattes are exceptionally beautiful as barista is a prize-winner in the World Latte Art Championship.


Scandinavian inspired minimalist design with soft white colors and bright wood do not distract your deep conversations. Baristas are not squeezed in a tiny counter. Long wooden brew bar spreads along whole front area that you would not dear to miss the process of your beloved espresso.



A space at the back is for those with laptops and getting ready to spare 2 hours drinking 8 oz drink. It is great bright area with wifi and usually very quite. However, Saturdays and Sundays does get busy and it is almost impossible to concentrate when every 15 min people coming and going (plus playing with food toddlers as weekend is for family hang-outs). All the geeks with deep coffee addictions come for a visit from Monday to Thursday and stay until coffee machine is turned off.


Faultless Scandinavian cool in the heart of the coffee wasteland of deepest darkest West London. Enjoy the juxtaposition of the sort of cafe you might expect from East London in unexpected surroundings of tourist smeared Portobello Road. A range of the finest beans are prepared as espresso and filter by baristas that not only know their stuff but want you to share their enthusiasm. A cafe that will hopefully begin the coffee gentrification of the West and pull many away from their comfort zone – Faerietale Foodie for London’s Best Coffee.

Staff is really friendly and even more than that. Baristas and waitress are knowledgeable, kind, very down to earth (in a good way). They will make sure that in this Talkhouse your chit-chats are pleasant while a coffee expert behind the counter will include coffee first into your talking subjects.

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