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Curators of Coffee, Art and Flawless Design

A small group of Antipodeans has gathered together for another coffee venture, where design infused with art of coffee brings space for local artists and coffee aficionados. Opened in 2014 summer, ‘Currators Coffee’ has been ‘loud’ since then. Blessed be Fitzrovia for its best selection of coffee shops in London and ‘Curators Coffee’ has absolutely deserved to be on this list.


The Curators Coffee design fueled with creativity and innovation has brought two beautiful spaces to the City. However, Curators Gallery is the one that gets the most attention for its unique concept and flawless design. An airy space devided into ground floor and basement was designed by interior designer and stylist Ana Foster-Adams. A former clothing store on Margeret Street has been retransformed into a modern cafe and gallery space.  A design of careful thought and detail is the perfect environment for local art to be displayed and admired.


Apart from artistic canvas, another form of art that is taken for granted in Curators Gallery is the art of coffee. Either coffee extracted by La Marzocco Strada or one of the neatly rowed Chemex, the brew bar is without doubt the most important space in the Gallery. London’s micro-roastery Nude produces a special signature espresso house blend “Exhibition”, which tastes like marcipan, chocolate and a hint of hazelnut. Curators’ team is extremely proud of what they pour into your cup and they claim in their website:

“This coffee is so delicious it gives new meaning to the words caffeine addiction.”

This brave statement comes from fearless coffee addicts who also dear to experiment with the brew and think out of the box with so-called ‘Curators Creations’. From time to time Curators Coffee presents a coffee-based drink with complementary ingredients to bring out interesting, delicate and intricate flavours.

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.










    • Thanks Brian. 😉 I havent had chance to try Chemex in Curators yet but hopefully coming back there soon to take some pictures of the Chemex brewing process. I think it should look gorgeous.


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