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Coffee ‘The Barn’ Way

The best-known coffee mecca in Berlin is undoubtedly The Barn. This coffee shop effectively spreads the knowledge of specialty coffee and educates the new generation of coffee connoisseurs. There is no room for a laptop or toddlers. The space of The Barn is designed to indulge in coffee and face-to-face communication.

First opened in 2010 in Mitte’s Auguststraße, this coffee company has significantly expanded in 2012 with its new coffee shop and on-site roastery in 2012. The owner, Ralph Ruller and his company has become in recent years a reliable roast supplier, as Barn’s coffee beans are more and more common to see around the city, as well as outside of Berlin.


I settled in cozy and spacious Barn café in Prenzlauer Berg and I was struck by the baristas’ enthusiasm to their coffee brew. Youthful staff in plaid shirts is always passionate to advise you and help you to find a cup of coffee that is suitable for your taste buds.

While the space feels a bit like an abandoned warehouse, The Barn Roastery atmosphere is just right for concentration, as too much fuss does not disturb your attention to coffee. Loads of freshly roasted coffee and various coffee equipment and souvenirs are available to buy for Barn guests. All seats inside are designed to be around the huge wooden coffee bar, which offers espresso, filter, Siphon or Aeropress with your selected beans.



The head barista advised me to try Columbian Huila coffee beans El Porvenir as a filter. Sirupy light coffee, on the sweet side, brings out a citrus taste of cranberry. Without any doubt, this is a jug of excellent coffee that can be enjoyed any time of the day without getting too much of it.

Respectable Barn’s dedication to pure coffee without any substances, such as milk or sugar, unconsciously forces coffee drinkers to experience quality Third Wave coffee at its natural stage.

collageHowever, I cannot leave the famous Barn without challenging them with an espresso and milk combination. As expected, baristas at this coffee shop are a dab hand at achieving the perfect milk consistency. Generally all specialty coffee shops in Berlin take the quality of milk very seriously. They use local bio milk from Brodowin that has a natural sweetness and it is said to be the best to compliment a shot of espresso. Its slightly sweet vanilla flavour brings out the coffee’s citrus tang.


The Barn for Berliners embodies the meaning of passion for coffee and absolute dedication. Talented young baristas learn their first brewing techniques under The Barn roof and with the guidance of senior baristas many of them turn coffee making into a real craft.










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