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Meet me under the arch: Concierge Coffee

The only sign that you finally reached that famous window which sells excellent coffee is interesting logo on forest green background. Before you reach the backyard on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, you might walk a few times forwards and backwards to find Concierge, as pre-caffeinated body would easily miss the hidden petite café. Advice — no need for maps, just follow the roasty aroma.


A logo is different from other coffee shops in Berlin. It looks more strict and serious. Baristas seem to have a gentlemen kind of vibe but the atmosphere itself is laid-back. However, after spending five minutes in this coffee shop, one cannot help but notice that Concierge is the place full of pride. It is Berliners’ pride of delicious coffee and owners’ pride of being independent baristas. While most Berlin’s baristas are extremely kind and heart-warming, Concierge shows a bit cool and arrogant side of baristas. But who wouldn’t have pride in serving one of the best coffees in Berlin? This arrogance is easily forgiven here.

15sqm hut is tiny with just a few seats available inside. Staying in Concierge for a few hours is not tempting but the coffee is highly addictive. Local roaster Bonanza Coffee (read more here) supplies Concierge with high quality beans. Their flat white is said to be a big hit by the canal and it would be hard to deny it.


The vision of small space but huge coffee by Benjamin Pates and Namy Nosratifard has been noticed by most coffee geeks, despite being quite new in the coffee scene. The former old gatekeepers room is now transformed into an attractive take-away window and the dark little café inside. Less is more, as they say. A selection of Lapham’s magazines on the narrow counter and the eye-catching Mirage espresso machine is all you need for a short getaway. As Benjamin said in one interview about the concept of this place: “It’s not just offering coffee, it’s overseeing the movement of people, what they are about and paying attention to details.”


The owners, who never stop chasing their goals and dreams, already have plans of their own roaster and new tiny coffee shops in interesting locations. Just wait and see where the new Concierge room appears in the future.



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