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Rejoice in the Land of Purist Coffee: Lanark Coffee


London’s coffee purists stick to simple little spots that fully concentrate on quality in the cup. Lanark is one of those cafes with the shortest menus ever: espresso, espresso with milk or filter. It is a perfect spot to hide from hustle and bustle of Columbian Road and Broadway Market as its minimalist design and simple menu help guests to turn their attention to the complexity of specialty coffee.




True coffee guru would know Greg Boyce’s coffee-making abilities from Alchemy and Black Box. Lanark Coffee is his new coffee venture launched in 2014. Greg does not settle with one kind of beans but you can fully rely on his selected coffee from top micro-roasters. At the time of my arrival, behind the counter Greg has got beautiful Rwandan roast from Alchemy and East London’s Dark Arts Coffee waiting for its turn. Lanark is a coffee bar with its particular pure coffee approach: no soya milk or tea options here and sugar is available only on request.


A tiny coffee bar inside is a stunning combination of great coffee, design and concept. The shop is part of the Manufactory collective with three furniture designers downstairs. White walls play a nice contrast with turquoise floor and greenery. The front window wall is designed to allow light and breezes into a space, without compromising privacy.

While Greg Boyce is the star of Lanark, everyone’s eyes settle on the exquisite lever-operated espresso machine, Victoria Arduino Athena Leva. While its luscious chrome body structure with beautiful hammered metal work is beautiful to watch, most importantly it produces a great espresso. No matter if it is latte, flat white or espresso – Greg has mastered them all.




Hackney Road is home to many independent shops and Lanark is a great addition to Hackney’s coffee scene. It particularly stands out with its youthful atmosphere and relaxed style but at the same time serious approach to our caffeine fix.

Verdict: Lanark is an absolute The Curiosity‘s favourite on Hackney Road.








  1. Thanks for reading and liking one of the posts from our blog!! It drew me to your blog and now unfortunately for my travel budget, I want to visit Lanark. It sounds like THE coffee shop. And trust me my hubby LIVE a good coffee (enough that our home kitchen has a dual head Gaggia D90 in it…. I think he’s addicted really. Lol). I just wanted to say, your writing is lovely and descriptive. I shall have to spend some more time reading your posts…. Maybe there is something you’ve written that would be a good fit for reblogging on our site! Thanks again!!!


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  2. Girlglobalising says

    This is a beautiful blog. Lovely post and lovely photos, all about one of my favourite things! It’s nice to know that my hometown has some new coffee talent on the scene xx


  3. Hi Audrey,

    I can’t believe I missed this post. I met Greg when Lanark took over the old Drink, Shop, Dash by King’s Cross and finally got to visit the original on Hackney Road at the end of last year. It is as wonderful as you say it is 🙂

    Many thanks,


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