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Discovering Beauty in White Forest

In this simple, pure space a guest can savour his coffee and let his mind flow in tranquility. The minimalism culture that had been nurtured in Japan since ancient times has adapted modern influences in Tokyo. Ki Café is a true fusion of modernism and minimalism somewhere in between zen philosophy and urban city.


Hidden one station away from Shimokitazawa, a commercial and entertainment district in Setagaya, Ki Café invites Tokyoites to run away from crowd to a mesmerizing white forest. Ki (木) means ‘tree’ in Japanese and details of it can be seen around the shop. While most of the design magazines describe Ki as cafe with an abstract tree theme, it is much more than that. According to the owner, Yuko, the main inspiration is ‘white’, which spreads tranquility and at the same time invites to reach a mental state of no-mind (無心).


At the entrance, you will be asked to take off your shoes as if you enter a sacred space. There is no music in the background. No excessive details either. The seating is divided the way that each customer would not disturb each other, even if they sit side by side on the big table in the middle of the room. But what attracts the most in Ki is that the ambience of café completely adjusts to you.


Id Inc, designers behind Ki interior, describe the meaning of café:

“A pure white space and deep coffee colored trees weave a smooth and quality time.”

Whether your quality time is a deep conversation or a quiet coffee moment on a hectic day, Ki Café manages to fulfill all expectations.


While some might disagree, simplicity is not the right word to describe coffee flavor. Despite the origin of beans, there is always some kind of complexity in taste of brewed coffee, the mixture of hundred hidden flavor notes that makes people experience same coffee differently. Ki café encourages guests tasting its selected coffee beans from Kanagawa prefecture, 27 Coffee Roasters, extracted as espresso or brewed with v60 filter. Owner Yuko-san learned coffee art from famous Shonan roaster Kohtsu Kasai at the time she was living in Tsujido. Two years ago she decided to share her passion for coffee and design in Setagaya-daita area. It proved to be a success as Ki café has been attracting locals for its coffee and foreigners for its impressive design.



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