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Charmingly Retro Cafés in Portugal

You don’t have to go far to find vintage hotspots while in Portugal. Lisbon is a perfect example of timeless Portuguese charm. Just strolling along the narrow cobbled streets in the Old Quarter is a feast for the eyes. Make sure to get on wooden trams or iron funiculars in bold yellow that go up and down the city’s many hills – they are over 100 years old and possibly the most picturesque in Europe. Take tram no. 28 to Alfama and find yourself in a nostalgic village within a city with streets surrounded by brightly painted houses, azure tiles and tangled stairways. While travelling to Lisbon and Porto, I had a quest to find coffee shops with hipster retro-design and nostalgic atmosphere.

Simplicity Equals Perfection

Late Sunday morning in Tokyo. Yesterday’s black suits-filled streets are empty. But this emptiness breathes another life into the alleys. My fingertips are craving to feel the touch of natural linen in Shimokitazawa’s Fog store. The nostalgic ‘made in Lithuania’ label shortens the distance between Europe and Asia in seconds. The sun reaches its peak and I start wandering around quiet streets of Setagaya. I settle in minimalistic café, which offers me a cup of heart-warming coffee and homemade years-mastered anpan*. Wake up. You are not in Tokyo. You’ve just found a small patch of Japan in Ealing Broadway. … Tucked away in West London, Ealing has become popular with Japanese community. Loads of Asian restaurants offering sushi and bento are cheaper than Central but still too pricey for my pocket. But when it comes to coffee and sweet delights I always manage to loosen my budget – those are my ‘money can’t buy’ little moments of happiness. My radar is always ON searching for Japanese atmosphere. Café in Japan is unique as it provides …

Best Shonan Coffee Stands (コーヒースタンド)

Take-and-go or stay for a while. Coffee stands are extremely popular in busy Tokyo where the pace of life is so fast. However, Shonan is quite newly adopting this idea of coffee shops as beach side folks are much more laid-back. Coffee stands in Shonan differ from urban city ones; they are much more slower and personal. Scroll down for the list of the greatest 5 coffee stands around the coast. 1. 27 Coffee Roasters (27コーヒーロースターズ) Coffee stand + Roasting works + Espresso lab. It is not cramped like usual coffee shops. 27 Coffee Roasters is spacious enough to wander around freely, check magazines, coffee goods and try coffee itself. There are 14 kinds of coffee beans displayed in 3 stages: raw green beans, already roasted and brewed coffee. Feel free to try them! For latte/cappuccino they use fruity Columbia Omar Collazos that is said to be the best coffee match with milk. 27 Coffee Roasters espresso+milk is really extraordinary; sweet, creamy, but at the same time very light and ‘noncommittal’. As for seating, there are 7 seats outside …

Selected. Winter edition.

Winter is warmer than we expected but there is always a room for some clothes to snuggle ourselves into. I am excluding all those amazing Christmas sweaters and stick to clothes that can be adjusted to any outfit (classic never dies, isn’t it?). A few my favorites from high street shops this season. ALLSAINTS WOMEN’S LOOKBOOK // OCTOBER 2014 All coats £298 STRADIVARIUS ‘IT’S WINTER’ CATALOGUE// 2014 ZARA WOMEN’S LOOKBOOK // NOVEMBER, 2014 ZARA KNIT// Warning: This is not fashion blogging! (So fashionistas, no need to judge my choices).